Ladies and gentlemen,
Permit me first to thank you, our Chinese host, for your extraordinary arrangements and hospitality. My wife and I, as well as our entire party, are deeply gratefull.


In the short period of six days, we have gone a longer distance than the world-renowned “Long March”. We have acquired a keen sense of the diversity, dynamism, and progress of China under your policies of reform and opening to the outside world.

在短暂的6天里,我们的行程超过了举世闻名的“长征”。 在改革开放政策引导下的中国,气象万千,充满活力,不断进步,这些我们都已经强烈地感受到了。
be renowned/known for :因…而出名,renowned也可单独做形容词。noun:renown声望,名誉。authors of great renown,极有声望的作家
keen: 渴望,喜欢。be keen on….;a keen sense of …强烈的感受
dynamism:活力。dynamic,充满活力,动态的。dynamic language。动态语言
progress:进度,进步;make progress with…在某方面获得进步。

My wife and I have a special regard and personal friendship for the people of China. Beijing is for us an old and nostalgic home. During our stay here ten years ago we spent a great deal of memorable time with the people here - working, shopping, sightseeing, and touring the city on our bicycles. During that time we never experienced anything other than the utmost courtesy and genuine friendship of the Chinese people.

我与我夫人对中国人民怀有一种特殊的仰慕之情和个人友谊。对我们两人来说,北京是我们思念的故乡。10年前我们在此生活期间,我们与这里的人们一起度过了许多难忘的时光 —— 我们在这里工作、购物、观光、骑自行车逛城。在那段日子里,我们感受到的总是中国人民的高度礼貌和诚挚友情。
regard:noun 尊敬,as ~ … 关于
utmost: 极度地
courtesy: 礼貌
a great deal of:大量许多
never experienced anything other than ….总是感受到….双重否定表肯定。other than,不同于,除了
genuine: 真诚的

Those were happy days. They are good days, important days. We were part of the dramatic process which brought us back together and set us on the road to a genuine friendly and cooperative relationship.

dramatic: 富有戏剧性的,drama:戏剧
cooperative: 合作的,cooperation合作,cooperate with,合作

Our friendly and cooperative ties have become extensive, affecting all aspects of our national lives: commerce, culture, education, and scientific exchange.


I am most proud of the large number of Chinese students being educated in exchange in my country. I myself teach some of them and see the benefits that come form this exchange. At the same time we are learning valuable lessons from you.


Nonetheless, problems remain in our economic, education and strategic relations. While we are not so naive as to believe that there are no issues of difference between us, I also believe that our differences are greatly overshadowed by issues which bind us and strengthen our relationship.


As a former government leader and now a private citizen, I recognize that many of the burdens and opportunities of our relationship have now passed to the non-governmantal sectors of our two societies: to individuals, our corporations, universities, research institutes, foundations, and so on. There is no doubt that our relations have reached a new stage. In this context, it is important for our two societies to search for areas of cooperation which clearly add to our mutual benefit.

private citizen: 普通公民
burden :重担

My visit is a symbol of the good faith with which we seek to build up the strength of our friendship, our cultural and commercial ties and our important strategic relationship. Events of the past decade have confirmed time and time again that our friendship and cooperation will continue to flourish and yield more fruits in the days to come.